The different types of leaderships essay

The different types of leaderships are being a good leadership and being a bad leader. Everyone wants a good leadership and not a bad one because no one wants to be taught how to be bad and not good. When looking for someone to be a leader you should always make sure they aren’t just acting and playing along with being good when they really aren’t because that wouldn’t be good. The different qualities of a good leader are someone who is all about team work and never leaves anyone out of being in the group because if someone gets left out and you never get to hear their idea it could have been a really good idea and they got left out so no one knows it even existed. Loyalty is a huge one that should come with a good leader because you don’t want someone that is going to betray you, you need someone that is going to stay loyal and help you through the situation. Respect is next on the list and every good leader should have a lot of respect with his/her fellow teammates and never ever disrespect them in any way, shape, or form. Your leader should also be able to keep promises and never take back what they say to the team. The different qualities of a terrible leader is someone who is very selfish and never thinks about their team in any way and always is constantly bragging about themselves which no one wants to hear someone just sit there and talk about themself when it is supposed to be a group not just one person. Someone who is obnoxious and never pays attention to anyone in that's in the group is also something a terrible team leader would do and if they get to the point where you can’t stop them or they just constantly do it then they shouldn’t be a team leader. A team leader who gets aggressive is also a trait of a bad team leader because no one wants their team leader getting aggressive and mad over stupid stuff. Some people are naturally better leaders than others. Good leaders have good traits and aren’t rude and don’t disrespect people or their teammates. Bad leaders can do all kinds of things that would make them a horrible team leader. If you are good and better than another person that wants to be team leader then you should say something to that person and save your team because bad team leaders could persuade other people to bad things with them. Good team leaders on the other hand want what is best for the team and that is what everyone should want. When choosing your team leaders you should always pick the person that is more responsible and makes their surroundings a happy and enjoyable place and just a great person to be around. Try and stay away from the people that give you bad vibes and always go with your gut instinct.